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US Martial Arts Championships

USMAC LogoThe United States Martial Arts Championships (USMAC) is the US branch of the World Martial Arts Championships (WMAC). It is due to start up in 2015, and promises to be an exciting circuit. US Squad athletes (who qualify in the top 5 at the US Titles) will have the opportunity to compete internationally in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan under the WMAC banner.

If you're interested in competing in USMAC tournaments, the 2015 Events link in the left hand menu for information about when and where tournaments are being held in the USA this year. If you'd like to get on our email list as an athlete, instructor, or official, fill in a form under the GET INVOLVED item in the menu above. Keep your eyes peeled for more news for this year on this page.


Announcements and Latest News

  Entry forms and locations will be available from this page. 30 Nov TBA 


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