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2014 NZMAC Round 1

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Traditional forms
Peewees 7 yrs and under 1 Yanis Nicolau    
8-10 yrs Beg/Intermediate 2 Luke Coulduck Shakira Coombe Liam Walters
8-10 yrs Adv/Black 3 Ella Soper    
11-13 yrs Beg/Intermediate 4 Alex Peterson Tangi Noora Matthew Coombe
11-13 yrs Adv/Black 5 David Nicolau Ethan Valvoi Brayden Hart
14-15yrs Adv/Black 7 Britney Johnston    
16-17 yrs Open 8 + 9 Michael Jordan Hunter Edwards Max Peterson
Adult Adv/Black  11 Mark Trotter Daniel McNamara Julian Cloete
Forms Freestyle         
11-14 yrs  All grades 26 Shiv Aziz    
13 yrs & under All grades 28 Shakira Coombe Matthew Coombe Michael Wassell
Weapons - Traditional        
13 yrs & under All grades 30 Brayden Hart Faith Underwood  
14 yrs & above All grades 31 Robert Fay Julian Cloete Britney Johnston
Points Sparring        
10 yrs & under Open 34 + 36 Luke Coulduck Liam Walters Yanis Nicolau
11-12 yrs Open 37 + 38 David Nicolau Ethan Valvoi Brayden Hart
13-15 yrs  Beg/Inter Male 39M  Alex Peterson Matthew Coombe Shivneet Aryaan
13-17 yrs  Open Female 40F & 41F Jelena Middleton Britney Johnston  
16-17 yrs  Open  Male 41M +  42M Sean Neary Max Peterson Michael Jordan
Adult Adv/Black Male 44M Mark Trotter Jordan Cope Julien Cloete
Adult Adv/Black Female 44F  Amy Thompson Mellisa Timperly Charlotte Munro
Freestyle Sparring        
8-10 yrs All grades 48 Luke Coulduck Shakira Coombe Liam Walters
11-12 yrs All grades 49 + 50 Tangi Noora Brayden Hart Ethan Valvoi
13-17yrs  Open Male 51M  + 54M Sean Neary Matthew Coombe  
13-17 yrs  Open Female 52F +53F Britney Johnston Jelena Middleton  
Adult Adv/Black Male 56M Julien Cloete Riley Phillips-Harris Jordan Cope
Adult Adv/Black Female 56F Mellisa Timperly Charlotte Munro  
8-9 yrs 59 Georgia Williams Luke Coulduck Daniel Knowles
10-12 yrs Male/Female   60M + 60F Tangi Noora Faith Underwood Ethan Valvoi
13-15 yrs Male/Female  61M + 60F Mathew Coombe Shiv Aziz Britney Johnston
Sword Combat        
8-9 yrs 64 Luke Coulduck Daniel Knowles Michael Wassel
10-12 yrs All grades M/F 65M + 65F Ethan Valvoi Faith Underwood Tangi Noora
 Male Open 100M & 101M Sean Neary Mark Trotter  
 Female Adv/Black 101F Amy Thompson Mellisa Timperly  
Full Contact        
 Male Adults 103M John Williams Shane Callaghan  
 Male Middleweight 103MB Sean Neary Robert Fay  

Action Star Audition

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