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2017 Dubbo

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 1 Emmerson Harper Jordana Jeffrey Elke Watts Max Rimmer
8-10 yrs Beg - Int 2 Tori Kearns Marcus Radwanowski Emmerson Harper Danni Pearce
8-10 yrs Adv - Black 3 Aspen Moore Meagan Brown Ethan Waugh Dallas George
11-12 yrs Beg - Int  4 Imogen Taylor Morgan Rutley Riley Govier Riley Marks
11-12 yrs Adv - Black  5 Nicole Blenkiron Nyla Hapgood Misty Williams Lily Radwanowski
13-15 yrs Beg - Int  6 Bindi Shaw Rebecca Turner Samantha Ferguson Matt Connolly
13-17 yrs Adv - Black Grade  7 & 9 Nicole Lowe-Tarbert Aeryc Sansum Raphael Ponferrada Samuel Jacobson
16 and above yrs Beg - Int 8 & 10 Courtney Charlton Montana Walker Camerson Anderson Akaciah Hammond
Adult Adv - Black 11 Anthony Wharton Kym Housden Ross Waddell Michael Tandang
Veterans - All Grades 12 Kym Housden Anthony Wharton Stephen Szorcsoki Michael Tandang
10 yrs & under – All Grades 25 Dallas George Tori Kearns    
11 – 14 yrs – All Grades  26 Raphael Ponferrada Samantha Ferguson Dallas George Phoebe Knight
15 yrs & above – All Grades 27 Rebecca Turner      
13 yrs & under – All Grades 28 Nicole Blenkiron Jessica Hayes Morgan Rutley Bryce Abel
14 yrs & above – All Grades 29 Jacob Walker Montana Walker    
13 yrs & under – All Grades 30 Nicole Blenkiron Aspen Moore Aeryc Sansum Misty Williams
14 yrs & above – All Grades 31 Stephen Szorcsoki Amanda Cass Daniel Rimmer Nicole Lowe-Tarbert
13 yrs & under – All Grades 32 Dallas George Tori Kearns Thomas Mackenzie  
14 yrs & above – All Grades 33 Dallas George      
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 34 Lucy Phelan Maddison Ireland Sunny Tandang Jordana Jeffery
8-10 yrs  All Grades- Females 36F Aspen Moore Sybella Wharton Meagen Brown Kassie Kearns
8-10 yrs  All Grades- Males 36M Thomas Walker Marcus Radwanowski Keegan Willis Jye Towill
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 37 Tyler Bell Morgan Rutley Bryce Abel Imogen Taylor
11-12 yrs Adv - Black 38 Misty Williams Lily Radwanowski Nicole Blenkiron Jessica Hayes
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39F Bindi Shaw Rebecca Turner    
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39M Jacob Walker Hussien Al-Saad Kyle Spencer Matt Connolly
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade 40F Tyneesha Williams Nicole Lowe-Tarbert Casey Hangan Phoebe Knight
Male 13-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade 40M Joesph Jacobson Aeryc Sansum Samuel Jackson Raphael Ponferrada
Female 16-17 yrs Beg - Int 41F Montana Walker Courtney Charlton    
Male 16 and above yrs Beg - Int 41M & 43M Joshua Parkinson Michael Rose Jeremy Smith Cameron Anderson
Female Adult Beg - Int 43F Martina Prautzch Julia Patterson    
Female Adult Adv - Black 44F Kym Housden Amanda Cass Lorissa Fogarty Dyan Jeresano
Male Adult Adv - Black 44M Michael Tandang Jeremy Roxburg Anthony Wharton David Simpson
Female Veterans - All Grades 45F Kym Housden Libby Roesner Julia Patterson  
Male Veterans - All Grades 45M Anthony Wharton Michael Tandang David Simpson Mark Connell
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 46 Sarayu Prakashbabu Lucy Phelan Emmerson Harper Maddison Ireland
8-10 yrs  All Grades-Female 48F Danni Pearce Bridget Watts Sybella Wharton Sam Hocking
8-10 yrs  All Grades-Male 48M Dallas George Clayton Graham Jake Gavin Marcus Radwanowski
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 49 Bayden Willis Aiden Lynch Riley Marks Bryson Jeffery
11-12 yrs Adv - Black 50 Misty Williams Nicole Blenkiron Jessica Hayes Nyla Hapgood
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51F Bindi Shaw      
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51M Jacob Walker Kyle Spencer Hussien Al-Saad Matt Connolly
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 52F Nicole Lowe-Tarbert Tyneesha Williams Casey Hangan Phoebe Knight
Male 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 52M Aeryc Sansum Raphael Ponferrada Samuel Jacobson Patrick Smith
Female 16-17 yrs Beg - Int 53F Montana Walker Courtney Charlton    
Male 16 and above yrs Beg - Int 53M & 55M Jeremy Smith Joshua Parkinson Gary Graham Michael Rose
Female Adult Beg - Int 55F Julia Patterson Akaciah Hammond Martina Prautzch  
Female Adult Adv - Black 56F Kym Housden Amanda Cass Dyan Jeresano Leanne Rance
Male Adult Adv - Black 56M Anthony Wharton David Simpson Ross Waddell Stephen Hare
Female Veterans - All Grades 57F Kym Housden Libby Roesner Julia Patterson  
Male Veterans - All Grades 57M Anthony Wharton Michael Tandang Mark Connell David Simpson
Male (13-15 yrs) 99M Jacob Walker Aeryc Sansum Hussien Al-Saad Samuel Jacobson
Female 13-17 yrs Adv – Black 99F & 100F Montana Walker Samantha Ferguson Phoebe Knight  
Male 16-17 yrs Adv – Black 100M Michael Rose Camerson Anderson    
Female Advanced – Black Grade 101F Martina Prautzch Kym Housden Leanne Rance Julia Patterson
Male Advanced – Black Grade 101M Stephen Hare David Simpson Michael Tandang Gary Graham
Male (13-15 yrs) Middleweight 104M Samuel Jacobson Hussien Al-Saad    
Male (13-15 yrs) Heavyweight 104M Aeryc Sansum Raphael Ponferrada    
Female (134-16 yrs) 102F Montana Walker Samantha Ferguson    
Male Colts (16-17 yrs) 102M Jacob Frichot Michael Rose    
Female Adults- Middleweight 103F Amanda Cass Leanne Rance Julia Patterson  
Male Adults Lightweight 103M Carl Hickling Gary Graham    
Male Adults Middleweight 103M Jeremy Smith Jeremy Roxburg    
Male Adults Heavyweight 103M David Simpson Camerson Anderson Zac Lexchnik  
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 58 Max Rimmer Elke Watts Sarayu Prakashbabu Ashton Tyn
8 - 10 yrs Females 59F Aspen Moore Kassie Kearns Tori Kearns Aimee Anders
8 - 10 yrs Male 59M Clayton Graham Keegan Willis Ethan Waugh  
Female 11-12 yrs 60F Nyla Hapgood Misty Williams Nicole Blenkiron Morgan Rutley
Male 11-12 yrs 60M Thomas Mackenzie Aiden Lynch Bayden Willis Bryce Abel
Female 13-15yrs 61F Nicole Lowe-Tarbert Bindi Shaw Rebecca Turner Casey Hangan
Male 13-15yrs 61M Aeryc Sansum Raphael Ponferrada Patrick Smith Samuel Jacobson
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 63 Ashton Tyn Lilly Williams Sarayu Prakashbabu Jordana Jeffery
8 – 10 yrs Females 64F Aspen Moore Aimee Anders Tori Kearns Bridget Watts
8 - 10 yrs Males 64M Jake Gavin Keegan Willis Dallas George  
Female 11-12 yrs 65F Nicole Blenkiron Nadia Hopkins Nyla Hapgood Imogen Taylor
Male 11-12 yrs 65M Thomas Mackenzie Tyler Bell Patrick Hourigan Riley Govier
Female 13-15yrs 66F Nicole Lowe-Tarbert Casey Hangan Bindi Shaw Emma Williams
Male 13-15yrs 66M Samuel Jacobson Jacob Walker Kyle Spencer Raphael Ponferrada

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