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2017 Brisbane Round 1

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
8-10 yrs Beg-Int 2 Emily Pearson Beau Parsons Robert Jones Declan Stewart
8-10 yrs Adv-Black 3 Noa Martin Sheina Aquino Marco Cavallo Bastian Teiniker
11-12 yrs Beg-Int  4 Eiley Pepyat Katelyn Rayner    
11-12 yrs Adv-Black  5 Beau Hili Jayda White Gabrial Spiller Zane Salasch
13-15 yrs Beg-Int  6 Talea White Brayden Rayner Talea White  
13-15 yrs Adv - Adv-Blacks 7 Patrick Grant Alisha Jewry Madison Wright Jayden Giesemann
16+ Beg-Int 8 + 10 Matilda Harper Mills Shyla Stafford Chrisopher White  
16-17 yrs Adv-Black 9 Breana Aquino Skyla Tamou Bohden Clark  
Adult Adv-Black 11 Kristel Suess Joseph Sandona Skyla Tamou Michael Loeken
Veterans - All Grades 12 Kristel Suess Natalie Wright Brian Kajewski  
13 yrs & under – All Grades 28 Alisha Jewry John Brooks Tyrone Snell Eiley Pepyat
14 yrs & above – All Grades 29 Skyla Tamou      
13 yrs & under – Adv-Black 30 Bastian Teiniker Beau Hili Jet Hili  
14 yrs & above – All Grades 31 Kristel Suess Skyla Tamou    
8-10 yrs  Beg-Int 36 Beau Parsons Christian Rayner John Brooks Robert Jones
8-10 yrs  Adv-Black 36 Noa Martin Bastian Teinike Sheina Aquino Marco Corallo
11-12 yrs Beg-Int 37 Katelyn Rayner Eiley Pepyat Nathan Harrison  
11-12 yrs Adv-Black 38 Beau Hili Joshua Mackay Jayda White Lucas Wright
Female 13-15 yrs Beg-Int 39F        
Male 13-15 yrs Beg-Int 39M Brayden Rayner Andrew Freier Forrest Watson Jake Slee
Female 13-15 yrsAdv - Black 40F Alisha Jewry Madison Wright Kaitlyn Day  
Male 13-15 yrsAdv - Black 40M Patrick Grant Haydn Dwyer Drew Moon Jayden Giesemann
Female 16-17 yrs All Grades 41F + 42F Skyla Tamou Matilda Harper-Mills Breana Aquino  
Male 16-17 yrs All Grades 41M + 42M Bohden Clark Christopher White    
Female Adult and Veterans All Grades 43F + 44F + 45F Natalie Wright Marrah Leoken Chloe Giesemann Pamela Knoll
Male Adult and Veterans Adv-Black 44M + 45M Lachlan Bourke Michael Loeken Max Barron Dion Harrison
8-10 yrs  Beg-Int 48 Beau Parsons Griffin Pepyat Zane Farrugia Declan Stewart
8-10 yrs  Adv-Black 48 Sheina Aquino Marco Cavallo Bastian Teiniker Declan Mackay
11-12 yrs Beg-Int 49 Nathan Harrison Eiley Pepyat Katelyn Rayner  
11-12 yrs Adv-Black 50 Zane Salasch Joshua Mackay Beau Hili Jayda White
Female 13-15 yrs Beg-Int 51F Tara Noonan Talea White    
Male 13-15 yrs Beg-Int 51M Andrew Freier Kai Bell Jake Slee  
Female 13-15 yrsAdv - Black 52F Alisha Jewry Kaitlyn Day Madison Wright Talea White
Male 13-15 yrsAdv - Black 52M Haydn Dwyer Drew Moon Mathew Day Patrick Grant
Female 16-17 yrs All Grades 53F + 54F Breana Aquino Matilda Harper-Mills    
Male 16-17 yrs All Grades 53M + 54M Bohden Clark Christopher White    
Female Adult and Veterans All Grades 55F + 56F + 57F Natalie Wright Pamela Knoll Shyla Stafford Chloe Giessman
Male Adult Adv-Black 56M Joseph Sandona Michael Loeken Max Barron Dion Harrison
Male (13-15 yrs) 99M Forest Watson Matthew Day Drew Morton  
Female (13-17 yrs) Adv-Black 99F + 100F Skyla Tamou Kaitlyn Day Talea White  
Male 16-17 yrs Advanced – Black Grade 100M Christopher White Bohden Clark    
Female Adult Advanced – Black Grade 101F Shayla Stafford Chloe Giesemann    
Male Adult Advanced – Black Grade 101M Joseph Sandona Max Barron Michael Loeken William Bourke
Male (13-15 yrs) Junior Lightweight 104M Drew Morton Matthew Day    
Male (13-17 yrs) Junior and Colts Middleweight 104M + 102M Joseph Airton Christopher White    
Female (13-17 yrs) Junior and Colts Lightweight 104F + 102F Skyla Tamou Kaitlyn Day    
Male Adults Lightweight 103M William Bourke Lachlan Bourke Brian Kajewski  
8 - 10 yrs  59 Griffin Pepyat Zane Farrugia Beau Persons  
Male 11-12 yrs 60M Aaron Huang Joshua Mackay Zane Salash  
Female 11-12 yrs 60F Katelyn Rayner Jayda White Eiley Pepyat  
Female 13-15yrs 61F Alisha Jewry Madison Wright Tara Noonan  
Male 13-15yrs 61M Haydn Dwyer Jake Slee Jayden Giesemann  
8 – 10 yrs 64 Beau Parsons Noa Martin John Brooks  
Male 11-12 yrs 65M Lucas Wright Declan Steward Joshua Mackay  
Female 11-12 yrs 65F Katelyn Rayner Eiley Pepyat    
Female 13-15yrs 66F Madison Wright Alisha Jewry    
Male 13-15yrs 66M Jake Slee Forrest Watson Jayden Giesemann Kai Bell

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