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2016 Sydney Round 1

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
8-10 yrs Beg - Int 2 Izaak Taylor Stuart Simpson Czar Williams Niamh Elliott
8-10 yrs Adv - Black 3 Pear Thong-Uam Lily Radwanowski Dylan Noble  
11-12 yrs Beg - Int  4 Justin Lee Maks Taylor    
11-12 yrs Adv - Black  5 Aidan Lewis Aidan Passell Alizae Nadruku Aeryc Sansum
13-15 yrs Beg - Int  6 Paul Bessiris Eric Bessiris Hamda Aslam Isabella Grima
13-15 yrs Adv - Black  7 Angela Patterson Daniel Braithwaite Connor Gibson Jasmine Wong
16-17 yrs Adv - Black 9 Amy Masson Connor Gibson    
Adult Beginern - Intermediate 10, 110 Connor Gibson Sheena Nguyen Leena Nguyen David Koro
Adult Adv - Black 11 Chi-Chiu Lee Oscar Lee Luke Plummer Ben Cunningham
Veterans - All Grades 12 Claudio Nieto Chi-Chiu Lee Lucy Masson Roseanne Travers
14 yrs & under – All Grades 25, 26 Angelina Patterson Izaak Taylor    
14 yrs & above – All Grades 29 Oscar Lee Amy Masson    
13 yrs & under – All Grades 30 Izaak Taylor      
14 yrs & above – All Grades 31 Lucy Masson Claudio Nieto William Bond Amanda Cass
8-10 yrs  All Grades 36 Pear Thong-Uam Lauren Koro Izaak Taylor Niamh Elliott
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 37 Cooper Zahra Czar Williams Justin Lee Maks Taylor
11-12 yrs Adv - Black 38 Aidan Passell Alizae Nadruku Dane Clark Aeryc Sansum
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39F Aleeya Bano Isabella Grima    
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39M Rene Balic Eric Bessiris Harrison Faure Robert Potts
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 40F Jasmine Wong Angelina Patterson    
Male 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 40M Connor Gibson Nicholas Trigazis Suhit Gurung Daniel Braithwaite
Female Adult/Veteran All Grades 43F, 44F, 45F Amanda Cass Audrey Moore Rosanne Travers  
Male Adult Beg - Int 43M David Koro Matthew Kehoe Joshua Prior Stephen Ottery
Male Adult Adv - Black 44M Ben Cunningham Oscar Lee Vikram Misra Claudio Nieto
Male Veterans - All Grades 45M Claudio Nieto Manaur Ali Anthony Rayias  
8-10 yrs  All Grades 48 Lily Radwanowski Dylan Bitmead Dylan Noble Marcus Radwanowski
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 49 Cooper Zahra Maks Taylor Justin Lee Czar Williams
11-12 yrs Adv - Black 50 Aidan Passell Aeryc Sansum Dane Clark Alizae Nadruku
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51F Aleeya Bano Isabella Grima    
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51M Paul Bessiris Robert Potts Rene Balic Eric Bessiris
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 52F Tara Lewis Angelina Patterson Jasmine Wong  
Male 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 52M Suhit Gurung Connor Gibson Nicholas Trigazis Daniel Braithwaite
Female Adult/Veteran All Grades 55F, 56F, 57F Amanda Cass Rosanne Travers Audrey Moore  
Male Adult Beg - Int 55M Matthew Kehoe Christopher Chrisanthakidis Joshua Prior Stephen Ottery
Male Adult Adv - Black 56M Anthony Rayias Ben Cunningham Luke Plummer  
Male Veterans - All Grades 57M Anthony Rayias Claudio Nieto Manaur Ali  
Male (13-15 yrs) 99M Suhit Gurung Connor Gibson Daniel Braithwaite Rene Balilc
Female Advanced – Black 101F Amanda Cass Sheena Nguyen Leena Nguyen  
Male Advanced – Black 101M Vikram Misra Joshua Prior Anthony Rayias Christopher Chrisanthakidis
Male (13-15 yrs) Lightweight 104ML Daniel Braithwaite Robert Potts    
Male (13-15 yrs) Middleweight 104MM Paul Bessiris Hamda Aslam    
Male (13-15 yrs) Heavyweight 104MH Connor Gibson Armmano Lazic Eric Bessiris  
Female Colts (15-17 yrs) 102F Tara Lewis Aleeya Bano    
Male Adults 103M Arman Wibawa Anthony Rayias Omar Dewan  
8 - 10 yrs  59 Stuart Simpson Dylan Bitmead Marcus Radwanowski Thomas Jones
Male 11-12 yrs 60M Aeryc Sansum Aidan Lewis Czar Williams  
Female 13-15yrs 61F Isabella Grima Aleeya Bano    
Male 13-15yrs 61M Nicholas Trigazis Eric Bessiris Paul Bessiris  
8 – 9 yrs 64 Stuart Simpson Dylan Bitmead Thomas Jones Harrison Lee
Male 11-12 yrs 65M Aeryc Sansum Cooper Zahra Justin Lee  
Female 13-15yrs 66F Isabella Grima Aleeya Bano    
Male 13-15yrs 66M Nicholas Trigazis Paul Bessiris Eric Bessiris  

Action Star Audition

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