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2016 Dubbo

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 1 Emmerson Harper Rhianna McMullen Phoebe Wong Oliver Mills
8-10 yrs Beginner 2A Morgan Ruttley Mitchell Fuller Benjamin Cannon Isabelle Corscadden
8-10 yrs Intermediate 2B Wasim Radwi Sonny Morton Nicholas Rusling Nadia Hopkins
8-10 yrs Adv - Black 3 Jayden Webb Kacey Ireland Wasim Radwi Bailey Jones
11-12 yrs Beg - Int  4 Ishu Rawat Amelia Dowling Maygen Wood Robert Pollock
11-12 yrs Adv - Black  5 Nicole Blenkiron Bailey Mulholland Jordan Heaton Nyla Hapgood
13-15 yrs Beg - Int  6 Bindi Shaw Patrick Smith Naeel Radwi Reagan Newham
13-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade  7 Cameron Horder Natalino Shaw Harrison McWhirter Sarah O'Rourke
16-17 yrs All Grades 8, 9 Pat Skinner Jack Dunkley Tasma O'Brien Dyan Jeresano
Adult Beginner 10 Duncan Logan      
Adult Intermediate 110 Mark Bleechmore Chris McKenzie Scott Turnbull  
Adult Adv - Black 11 George Sayers Kym Housden Steven Scorcsoki Michael Tandang
Veterans - All Grades 12 Kym Housden Steven Szorcsoki James O'Brien Michael Tandang
14 yrs & under – All Grades 25, 26 Ishu Rawat Jordan Heaton Wasim Radwi Braydon Burke
Open – All Grades 28 Bindi Shaw Naeel  Radwi Nyla Hapgood Jessica Hayes
13 yrs & under – All Grades 30 Natalino Shaw Nicole Blenkiron Jayden Webb Cameron Horder
14 yrs & above – All Grades 31 George Sayers Tasma O'Brien Pat Skinner Sarah O'Rourke
13 yrs & under – All Grades 32 Wasim Radwi Dallas George    
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 34 Rhianna McMullen Oliver Mills Brody Farrell Logan Bodel
8-10 yrs Beg - Int Female 36A Nadia Hopkins Tori Kearns Jessica Hayes Summer Spencer
8-10 yrs Beg - Int Male 36B Jayden Webb Jessica Hayes Bailey Jones Kacey Ireland
8-10 yrs  Adv - Black Grade 36C Wasim Radwi Flynn McWhirter Jake Reichelt Hayden Spedding
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 37 Ishu Rawat Amelia Dowling Braydon Burke Sofye Sebelic
11-12 yrs Adv - Black 38 Misty Williams Bailey Mulholland Tanisha Mulholland Nicole Blenkiron
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39F Bindi Shaw Talitha Brown Montana Walker Elsie scullard
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39M Naeel Radwi Jakob Walker Patrick Smith Kade Hancock
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade 40F Sarah O'Rourke Kasey Hangan    
Male 13-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade 40M Stan Hanrahan Harrison McWhirter Natalino Shaw William Lawler
Male 16-17 yrs Beg - Int  41M, 42M Pat Skinner James Fern Dylan Williams Jack Dunkley
Female 16-17 yrs Adv - Black Grade 42F Tasma O'Brien Lauren Berkery Dyan Jeresano  
Male Adult Beg - Int 43M Duncan Logan Scott Turnbull Chris McKenzie Sam Madden
Female Adult - Veterans All Grades 44F, 45F Amanda Cass Libby Roesner Megan Ralsh Kate Jones
Male Adult Adv - Black 44M George Sayers Ross Waddell James O'Brien Jeremy Roxburgh
Male Veterans - All Grades 45M Michael Tandang James O'Brien David Simpson Mark Connell
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 46 Rhianna McMullen Oliver Mills Phoebe Wong Emmerson Harper
8-10 yrs  All Grades 48A Lucy Reichelt Tori Kearns Saxbii Shaw Isabelle Corscadden
  48B Brodie Price Wasim Radwi Jake Reichelt Hayden Spedding
  48C Bailey Jones Kacey Ireland Jayden Webb Jessica Hayes
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 49 Ishu Rawat Chloe Price Sofye Sebelic Jim Kennedy
11-12 yrs Adv - Black 50 Misty Williams Bailey Mulholland Nicole Blenkiron Nyla Hapgood
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51F Montana Walker Tyneesha Williams Elsie Scullard Talitha Brown
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51M Patrick Smith Naeel  Radwi Reagan Newham Kade Hancock
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 52F Casey Hangan Sarah O'Rourke    
Male 13-15 yrs Adv - Black 52M Stan Hanrahan Luke Dunkley Isaac Craft William Lawler
Male 16-17 yrs Beg - Int  53M, 54M Pat Skinner James Fern Daniel Ashcroft Jack Dunkley
Female 16-17 yrs Adv - Black Grade 54F Dyan Jeresano Lauren Berkery    
Male Adult Beg - Int 55M Duncan Logan Bryce Morley Carl Hickling Sam Madden
Female Adult Adv - Black 56F Kym Housden Libby Roesner Kate Jones Megan Walsh
Male Adult Adv - Black 56M David Simpson Ross Waddell George Sayers Jeremy Roxburgh
Female Veterans - All Grades 57F Amy Symons AmandaCass Libby Roesner  
Male Veterans - All Grades 57M James O'Brien Mark Connell David Simpson  
Female (13-15 yrs) 99F, 100F Elsie Scullard Montana Walker Tyneesha Williams Emma williams
Male (13-15 yrs) 99M, 100M James Fern Dylan Williams Jack Dunkley Isaac Craft
Female Advanced – Black Grade 101F Amy Symons AmandaCass Kate Jones  
Male Advanced – Black Grade 101M Michael Tandang George Sayers Nicholas Schmich  
Female (13-15 yrs)  104F Elsie Scullard Montana Walker Tyneesha Williams  
Male (13-17 yrs)  102M, 104M James Fern Dylan Williams    
Male Adults 103M Bryce Morley Nicholas Schmich George Sayers Carl Hickling
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 58 Rhianna McMullen Oliver Mills Emmerson Harper  
8 - 10 yrs Female 59F Lucy Reichelt Kacey Ireland Kaitlyn Maloney  
8 - 10 yrs Male 59M Jake Reichelt Alfie Buxton Wasim Radwi  
Female 11-12 yrs 60F Tanisha Eisel Amelia Dowling Emilia Polansky  
Male 11-12 yrs 60M Braydon Burke Ishu Rawat Patrick Hourigan  
Female 13-15yrs 61F Elsie Scullard Bindi Shaw Casey Hangan  
Male 13-15yrs 61M Patrick Smith Jakob Walker Isaac Craft  
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 63 Rhianna McMullen Tate Wootton Emmerson Harper  
8 - 10 yrs Female 64F Saxbii Shaw Lucy Reichelt Nadia Hopkins  
8 - 10 yrs Male 64M Jake Reichelt Jayden Webb Bailey Jones  
Female 11-12 yrs 65F Emilia Polansky Kiana Kennedy Amelia Dowling  
Male 11-12 yrs 65M Kyle Spencer Jeremy Starr Bailey Mulholland  
Female 13-15yrs 66F Casey Hangan Bindi Shaw Montana Walker  
Male 13-15yrs 66M Isaac Craft Jakob Walker Luke Dunkley  

Action Star Audition

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