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2016 Brisbane R2

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 1 Aurora Walker      
8 - 10 yrs Beg - Int 2 Beau Hili Noa Marlin Sheina Aquino Kasey Noai
8-10 yrs  Adv -Black 3 Hunter McLauchlan Lucas Wright Coban Parker  
11-12 yrs Beg - Int  4 Tobias Groeneveld Tanner Fenwick Ethan Smith Shannon Dole
11-12 yrs Adv -Black 5 Alisha Jewry Sascha Arnberger    
13-15 yrs Beg - Int  6 Bohden Clark Christopher White    
13-15 yrs Adv -Black  7 Breana Aquino Patrick Grant Ebony Eayrs Madison Wright
16-17 yrs Adv -Black 9 Skyla Tamou Max Barron Elizabeth Lang Chloe Giesemann
Adult Intermediate 110 Alexandra Fox Aaron Sommer James Bacskay Brian Rowe
Adult Adv -Black 11 Brett Parker Sam Gray Joseph Sandona Michael Loeken
Veterans All Grades 12 Peter McInnes Brian Rowe Natalie Wright  
13 yrs & under – All Grades 28 Noa Martin Beau Hili    
13 yrs & under – All Grades 30 Beau Hili Tobias Groeneveld Jet Hili  
14 yrs & above – All Grades 31 Brian Rowe Peter McInnes Chris Hili  
14 yrs & above – All Grades 33 Brian Rowe Peter McInnes    
10 yrs & under 34, 36 Hunter McLauchlan Kasey Noai Sheina Aquino Jet Hili
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 37 Ethan Smith Tanner Fenwick Tobias Groeneveld Shannon Dole
11-12 yrs Adv - Black 38 Sascha Arnberger Alisha Jewry Joshua Mackay  
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39F Annalise Grott Alisha Jewry    
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 39M Bohden Clark Christopher White    
Female 13-15 yrs Adv -Black 40F Madison Wright Ebony Eayrs Holly Marshall Isabel Wellock
Male 13-15 yrs Adv -Black 40M Patrick Grant Haydn Dwyer    
Female 16-Adult Adv -Black 42F, 44F Skyla Tamou Elizabeth Lang Jakirra Graham Chloe Giesemann
Male 16-Adult Adv -Black 42M, 44M Jason Parker Joseph Sandona Daniel Werzberger Michael Loeken
Female Adult Beg - Int 43F Hayley Davies Alexandra Fox Natalie Wright  
Male Adult Beg - Int 43M Chris Hili Brandon Smith James Bacskay  
Male Veterans All Grades 45M Jason Parker Chris Hili    
10 yrs & under 46, 48 Beau Hili Noa Marlin Beau Parsons Hunter McLaauchlan
11-12 yrs Beg - Int 49 Tobias Groeneveld Tanner Fenwick Ethan Smith Shannon Dole
11-12 yrs Adv -Black 50 Joshua Mackay Sascha Arnberger    
Female 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51F Annalise Grott Alisha Jewry    
Male 13-15 yrs Beg - Int 51M Christopher White Bohden Clark    
Female 13-15 yrs Adv -Black 52F Holly Marshall Madison Wright Ebony Eayrs Breana Aquino
Male 13-15 yrs Adv -Black 52M Patrick Grant Haydn Dwyer    
Female 16-17 yrs Adv -Black 54F Elizabeth Lang DQ Chloe Giesemann  
Male Adult Beg - Int 55M James Bacskay Chris Hili Brendan Smith Aaron Sommer
Female Adult-Veterans Adv -Black 56F, 57F Leana Johnson Hayley Davies Natalie Wright Alexandra Fox
Male Adult Adv -Black 56M Michael Loeken DG Brett Parker Sam Gray
Male Veterans All Grades 57M Jason Parker Chris Hili    
Female (13-15 yrs) 99F Ebony Eayrs Holly Marshall Alisha Jewry  
Male (13-17 yrs) 99M, 100M Max Barron Christopher White Bohden Clark Haydn Dwyer
Female (16-17 yrs) 100F Jakirra Graham Annalise Grott Chloe Giesemann Skyla Tamou
Male Advanced –Black 101M Brett Parker Joseph Sandona Jason Parker Chris Hili
Female Colts16-17yrs 102F Skyla Tamou Elizabeth Lang    
Male Adults 103M Adam Hellinga Brett Parket    
8 - 10 yrs  59 Hunter McLauchlan Kasey Noai Declan Mackay Aurora Walker
Female/Male 11-12 yrs 60F, 60M Alisha Jewry Joshua Mackay Tobias Groeneveld Shannon Dole
Female 13-15yrs 61F Alisha Jewry Ebony Eayrs Holly Marshall Madison Wright
Male 13-15yrs 61M Bohden Clark Haydn Dwyer Christopher White  
10 yrs & under 63, 64 Aurora Walker Lucas Wright Hunter McLauchlan  
Female 11-12 yrs 65F, 65M Alisha Jewry Ethan Smith Tobias Groeneveld  
Female 13-15yrs 66F Alisha Jewry Madison Wright Ebony Eayrs  
Male 13-15yrs 66M Bohden Clark Christopher White Hayhn Dwyer  

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