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Sydney Round 1

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
Forms 10 & Under Beg-Int 1, 2 Alizae Nadruku Angelika Fuda Lily Radwanowski Lyla Brown
8-10 yrs Advanced - Black Grade 3 Kennedy Storr Jayde Gitto Angelina Moulas Jake Muller
11-13 yrs Beginners - Intermediate 4 Tanya Sharma Liam Cruz Aleeya Bano Paul Bessiris
11-13 yrs Advanced - Black Grade 5 Sam Boyle Sachin Sirkari Lachlan Mckenzie Sean Cosgrave
14-15 yrs Beginners - Intermediate 6 Alyssa Younan Adam Biha    
14-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade 7 Sophie Courtney Jude Ahmad Kyle Leschke Luca Corby
Adult Beginners  10 Jacinta Wood Shane Taylor    
Adult Intermediate 110 Joshua Prior      
Adult Advanced - Black Grade 11 Claudio Nieto Kym Housden Solon Kypridemos Brad Smith
Veterans - All Grades 12 Claudio Nieto Kym Housden Brad Smith  
10 yrs & under – All Grades 25 Noah Elchaar Aaron Corby    
11 – 14 yrs – All Grades 26 Luca Corby Joshua Elchaar    
13 yrs & under – All Grades 28 Kyle Leschke Lukas Boyle Dane Clark Angelina Moulas
13 yrs & under – All Grades 30 Sachin Sirkari Kyle Leschke Sam Boyle Lukas Boyle
14 yrs & above – All Grades 31 Claudio Nieto Sophie Courtney Brad Smith  
13 yrs & under – All Grades 32 Noah Elchaar Joshua Elchaar Max Cavanagh Zane Thomas
14 yrs & above – All Grades 33 Georgah Elchaar      
Sparring - Points
Pee Wees 7 yrs & under 34        
Points Sparring 10 & Under All Grades 34, 36 Dane Clarke Lukas Boyle Angelina Moulas  
11-12 yrs Beginners - Intermediate 37 Boudie Smith Paul Bessiris Eric Bessiris Aleeya Bano
11-12 yrs Advanced - Black Grade 38 Giancarlo Fuda Sam Boyle Zach Heiler Jack Simpson
Points Sparring 13-15 All Grades 39M, 40M Feron Yee Thomas Finn Giorgio Makdessi Adam Biha
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade 40F Sophie Courtney Tara Lewis Georgah Elchaar Nicky Rahimi
Points Sparring 16 & Above All Grades 41F, 42F, 43F, 44F Jacinta Wood Julia Plummer Jullia Pearse  
Male 16-17 yrs Advanced - Black Grade 42M Angus Lowe Giorgio Makdessi Jude Ahmad  
Male Adult Beginners - Intermediate 43M Trent Muller Shane Taylor Josh Prior Craig Stevens
Male Adult Advanced - Black Grade 44M Claudio Nieto Karl Storr Luke Plummer Brenton Monteleone
Male Veterans - All Grades 45M Claudio Nieto Karl Storr Solon Kypridemos  
Sparring - Freeestyle
10 yrs & Under All Grades 46, 48 Angelina Moulas Lukas Boyle Lily Radwanowski Juke Muller
11-12 yrs Beginners - Intermediate 49 Aleeya Bano Paul Bessiris Boudie Smith Tanya Sharma
11-12 yrs Advanced - Black Grade 50 Sam Boyle Madison Andree-Evarts Jack Simpson Shinay Prasad
Freestyle Sparring 13-15 All Grades 51M, 52M Jude Ahmad Thomas Finn Feron Yee Daniel Braithwaite
Female 13-15 yrs Adv - Black Grade 52F Tara Lewis Sophie Courtney Kristal Solidarios Georgah Elchaar
Male 16-17 yrs Advanced - Black Grade 54M Angus Lowe Jude Ahmad Giorgio Makdessi  
Freestyle Sparring Adult All Grades 55F, 56F Julia Plummer Kate Jones Jacinta Wood  
Male Adult Beginners - Intermediate 55M Trent Muller Scott Gould Shane Taylor Josh Prior
Male Adult Advanced - Black Grade 56M Joey El Hazouri Brenton Monteleone Claudio Nieto Solon Kypridemos
Female Veterans - All Grades 57F        
Male Veterans - All Grades 57M Claudio Nieto Solon Kypridemos Karl Storr  
8 – 9 yrs 59 Stuart Simpson Aaron Corby Jayde Gitto  
Sumo 10-12 Male & Female 60M, 60F Jack Simpson Bodie Smith Aidan Lewis  
Sumo 13-15 Male & Female 61F, 61M Ethan Gair Tyson Andree-Evarts Giorgio Makdessi  
Sword Combat
Sword Combat 9 & Under 63, 64 Alizae Nadruku Noah Hewett Zane Thomas Stuart Simpson
Sword Combat 10-12 Male & Female 65M, 65F Jack Simpson Eric Bessiris Aidan Lewis  
Sword Combat 13-15 Male & Female 66M, 66F Ethan Gair Kyle Leschke Giorgio Makdessi  
Points Contact
Female 16-17 yrs Advanced – Black Grade 100F Tara Lewis Kate Jones Sophie Courtney  
Male 16-17 yrs Advanced – Black Grade 100M Angus Lowe      
Male Advanced – Black Grade 101M Joey El Hazouri Josh Prior Brenton Monteleone  
Full Contact
13-15 Male Full Contact 104M Fawzaan Shah Thomas Finn Joshua Rooke Feron Yee
13-15 Female Full Contact 104F Tara Lewis Pia Semaan    
Female Colts (15-17 yrs) 102F Fadia Chendeb Alison Solidarios    
Male Colts (15-17 yrs) 102M Nicholas Semaan Jude Ahmad Robin Khaushu  
Male Adults - Middleweight 103M Joey El Hazouri Thunay Tubino De Santana Chris Solidarios Willy Deng
Male Full Contact Adults - Heavyweight 103M Scott Gould Asen D Jamirze Joshua Prior  

Action Star Audition

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