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World Martial Arts Championships

Updates updates updates

Lots of updates! Firstly, the Melbourne Round 2 results have been updated with the Adult Female results. We apologise for the delay - the results sheets were hiding where they shouldn't have been! The Kumiai Ryu Lachlan Valley Championships were held recently too, and the results are now also available. And just this last weekend, we held the Sydney Round 2, for which the results are also available! Queensland Round 2 results should be available as soon as they have been compiled.


Melbourne Round 2 Results - Updated

Melbourne Round 2 results are now available. Things are moving along at quite a pace now. Three events in NSW, including one sanctioned one, and one in Queensland.


ACT Round 1 Results

The results for AMAC ACT Round 1 are now available. The next event coming up is Victoria Round 2! Are you ready for it and competing there? Queensland, Sydney, and Coffs Harbour are not long after. Get your entry forms in soon! 


Sydney Round 2 Venue and date change

Due to ongoing renovations at our usual venue, Sydney Round 2 had has been moved to the 24th of May and also to a new venue. It's at the Ryde Community Sports Centre, ELS Hall Park, Kent Road North Ryde. A revised entry form is available as well.


ACT Round 1 Venue change

ACT Round 1, this weekend, has had the venue changed slightly. It's still at the AIS, but will be held at the Basketball and Netball Centre, where it has previously been held. Download the map if you're not sure. It's at Map Reference 4C.


NZMAC Round 1 Results

NZMAC results Round 1 are now available. Make sure you get ready for Round 2 to qualify for the Titles, and even the squad!


Kumiai Ryu NSW entry forms available


Entry forms for all the AMAC sanctioned NSW Kumiai Ryu (KRMAS) events are now available from the NSW Events section of the Australian Events page.